your past


you dont have to like your past but when you accept the fact that its a part of you and that it is always going to be with you, choosing to love it is a pretty damn swell choice to make.

Its essential in healthy forward movment actually .


Lid of Reality

Your shoulders aligned with the sun
when you turned towards me and told me you wanted not to think of me,
to want nothing to do with me anymore.

Disappointment only takes you so far. It’s a lid covering the steam of Reality.
And when that comes at you, it can take your whole life to figure out that disappointment is part of Reality too.

Bad Choices

You kinda just wish
your entire life way
because that’s hope in a nutshell.

And squirrels are the best at breaking those
not humans.

It is You

I backed myself in to where my heart wasn’t

You step back into your habits
and you’re waiting for a person to make you stop them
but the only person that will really keep your decisions where they need to be

is you.