Having A Blog

i even shut the door and turned the air on for this one.
i even made myself some coffee.

i thought i got a wordpress address for a reason.
a space to type and type and type
maybe some eyes will glimpse.

I’ve only had it for a few days
but I thought I would have inserted more than two posts.
i thought my reason was solid and grounded.
was controlled and paving the way of productivity for me.

But now…

there is a whole other planet to step on to.

Since the first day i got this thing, I have been sweeping around from one site to the next, reading peoples words and slowly understanding that even though my reasoning agrees with me, it is not the only thing I need to keep this blog.

It is You.

You who writes of blooming love, who writes of first kisses and the magical way they make us feel,
you who writes of healthy ways and die-hard habits…you who writes of bliss and safe control.
you who writes of depression and how Christians feel this way sometimes; and how we should transform instead of conform..

Connections zilch in and out, weave and dart and playgrounds set themselves up in my mind. shiny with colour…gleaming in such light! in such style!

initally i have become consumed by these spaces i have entered.
thank you.
thank you for raising my eyebrows and making me feel good and connected and happy.
thank you for the slides i will slide down and the swings i will swing on.

here, even the grass tastes good.

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