Are things usually this wonderful?

How come the Discovery Channel and How It’s Made shows are much more interesting when he’s watching with me? The history shows and the mystery shows?
I do enjoy reading but how come when we read together, the pages of my book seem more reachable?
 I like eating but when I eat with him, the food blooms in my taste buds and stays the whole portion. I’ll eat the same dish alone, and the goodness doesn’t last.
I always do a better job of folding clothes, when it’s his clothes I’m folding.
How much difference can there be between him pouring two packets of coffee mix into boiled water vs me, doing it?
The air always seems fresh, when it’s his type of music notes floating around and when the air is fresh I sing better, don’t I?
Did I get better at managing my time or is it just because I know that doing all the cleaning before he arrives home, results in the ability to spend more time with him?
Is it because the shells he picks are actually prettier then the ones I pick, or is it really because he’s the one choosing them for me?
When we play volleyball, I’m not as afraid of the ball and when we have drinks together, I make mine last longer than I usually do.
Am I not that great of a person or is it just that I am better when I am with him?
Are the small things in life usually this beautiful or is it because they truly
always are-I just have someone to share it all with now?
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2 comments on “Are things usually this wonderful?

  1. Ahh, young love. This was like reading poetry and not having to explain it when done.


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