A Newcomer all Over Again

It’s been 3 months. A lot has changed in that amount of time.
And by a lot I basically mean my entire life.
I won’t get into that right now but I just felt a pressing desire to get on here and write something. Even if it is dribble.

I guess I noticed a few months back that it’s pretty common for people to activate wordpress, write a few posts and then not revisit the site for awhile. I don’t know that by my own observation, but just what I have read from others’.
I’ve also discovered that people can get pretty serious about blogging. Working away at it as if it is part of there day job. And maybe for some it is. I have yet to fully understand the inner tickings and crevices of the people behind the writings, and I realize that it may take years. I also realize that maybe I’m not supposed to understand.
However, I still feel that there is something I am missing in this heaving mass of typers and readers.

But maybe with a bit more dedication and visits, I will figure it out.