Overcoming Secrecy in Posting

Somewhere in my early teens, I became secretive about a lot of things I did. My parents were strict and rebelling became my way of freedom and independence.
Since I wasn’t able to get together with a lot of people ( because of the distance or  my parents didn’t approve) I spent a lot of hours online, chatting away to people. and this was how I best communicated.I knew I was less shy online, and was more comfortable with that. And I know now that it was one of the places where my confidence derived from. 
Based on the time I spent typing to individuals in those years, you would think I would be less hesitant to share.

But somehow I still have that pebble in my gut that has me refraining from typing out to cyberworld. Because I don’t know who is going to read it. I don’t know whose eyes my words will reach.

When I think about posting something, it feels more like work to me because of the standards I have set. I want to make every sentence proper and the grammar flawless.
I think I am learning that I should just drop those defences. Maybe they can come back another time.. when I am more comfortable with pressing ‘publish post’.

You may ask why I even bother having a blogging site if it is such a hassle for me to post.
I wouldn’t call it a hassle or even a negative block . Just a challenge I’d like to eventually overcome.

And I guess this post begins the overcoming.


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