A New Beautiful

I never knew how many things I could do with my toes. It’s only been three weeks and I’ve opened cabinet doors, picked up everything from  scissors to power cords, even lowered the volume on the tv. It’s not because I’ve broken both my arms or because Im doing a  science project… but because I have a child to hold.
He is so much of mine .
I crack grins over everything I do and watch the contents dribble . I watch his face for hours as he makes faces I’ve never seen before. Later on I’ll catch myself with the feeling that my face is doing  something like I’ve seen on his.
I love that I can help him burp. I love that I can get him clean and  stop him from crying . That he depends on me for all these things.

It’s beautiful.

2 comments on “A New Beautiful

  1. dba says:

    Very emotional blogs.. But good to be you make happy as possible as… bravo ……

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