Things I Miss about Thailand

I go back home at least once  every year and a half.
While there it doesn’t take long before I begin missing the lifestyle
that Thailand offers me. Often times  my brain will feel on the
outside of everyones. Thailand is a big part of my life now and so it
is one more thing that people cannot relate with if they haven’t been.
Two years ago I had begun to say that I would not be able to marry or
be with someone forever if they hadn’t experienced Thailand. It’s just
too large a part of me for it to go by.
When I come back to Ontario it doesn’t take any time to adjust, but
miss begins popping up only a few weeks in.
The miss will never be as strong as my miss for Canadian life but it
still develops in its own way.

I will miss the markets and the restaurants. How so much is done
outside in the open air.
I will miss the ultimate slow pace of life. How noone seems to be in a
rush and how time doesn’t matter. ( all though this has its downsides)
The bag of mango or pineapple I can get from a street vendor at any
point during the day. Roughly 75 cents.
The food stalls and there wonderful spicy smelling dishes. The ice
coffees for 75cents as well. Even the dollar beer.

I will miss the attention I recieve because i am a white blonde.
Even though there are many days I wish I could blend in, it becomes
something I miss when away from it.

Im not sure I will miss seeing 711s every 500 feet but I will miss
their distinct smell inside and the five cent water they sell.

There are people and things that are in the same spot every night. I
will miss how I know that they will be there. I will miss seeing them.
There is something about being that familiar with a city that is not
your own.  This city will never be mine but it is pleasent to have
predictable occurances.

I am okay with missing either way, (Thailand or Canada)  because to
me, miss accounts for something. Miss tells me I love.
Miss provokes genuine hope and broadens my perspective. It helps me to
dive deep when I am with people that I know I will miss.
It is a reflection of who I am.
I miss that meal because I always ate it with my boyfriend.I miss the
ice coffees because it reminds me of a time period in my life where I
walked for hours around the city. Exploring. Adventuring.

I love that I miss.

Sometimes it hurts real bad,
but I will still continue to do so

because missing accounts for something.

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