Make for a Better Outcome

I’m putting a Mom post here because I think what I’ve learned can apply to other parts of life as well.
We did the sleep training thing, putting him down and letting him cry and it sucked big time and what I’m really trying to get at is that if you have a better understanding about what you are doing, everything will be better.

I didn’t know. I walked into the whole thing, with only bits and pieces of information. I was gunnin’ for the outcome and didn’t take the time to look at the situation from all angles.
And it was bad because I kept questioning myself whether I was doing the right thing. I wasn’t confident. I felt like I had failed before even fully trying.
And I thought to myself, ‘ I have got to fix this’

So I spent a few hours, reading about the situation I was trying to fix. How long do I let baby cry, when do I do this and is he really hungry, maybe that is why he’s crying.. isn’t that why?
Even though there were so many different opinions out there, I found the one I wanted. I created mine out of what I had read and I put it towards my own situation with my own child.

That night even before I put him down, I felt better about what I was doing. I had no questions and was secure in my decision than ever. I did feel bad, but I didn’t cry. I knew in my heart that I wasn’t doing anything wrong. I was at peace with my decision!
Somehow I could feel that he sensed this. He seemed okay with it all. Like he trusted me.

We can apply this to everyday things. Tests, speeches, in groups.. if we know the subject, if we know our stuff, our confidence in our knowledge , in ourselves.. will seep through and make for a positive end.

If we are unsure about something, gathering as much information as we can about it, will increase our chances of a better outcome.

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