People and Change

Sometimes I find I’m going through life in montone.
It’s not like I’m unhappy. I am just so involved in this routine type of thing. This sameness. I’ve hopped into its’ lap and feel content enough with the huddle.
Until a friend walks in. Not even a close friend. We went to the same public school 13 years ago and said a few words to one another every other month.
She came to Thailand to do her life thing and we decided to meet up, thanks to Facebook and it’s informative nature.
And that’s how I see sparks of this flame that I am. People reveal you. The way they respond to you and interact. They teach you about who you are without realizing it.
‘ Oh! I’m like that, I’m funny when I’m like this!’, says me.
It may only be funny to that person, but it’s a piece of you.
Even if people have the same frames and same perscription in their glasses, their eyes are a different colour. Their eyes are a different shape. And there past is entirely different then the one you have.
They will see things from their view.
I learn about myself through other people. And I realize how lost I can begin to feel when that feedback has been so minimal.
People help you sort yourself out. People keep you grounded and closer to your own heart. People tell you about you and you can do whatever it is that you want, with that information.
Thats how you can change. Bend what you’ve gathered based on what people give you.
If you want to change, you have the means.

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