Valuable Time

Clearing a room out in real life is difficult enough.
In your head?

How do you just push ideas and thoughts and LIFE aside to make that empty room where brain to fingers to keyboard really works?
Well I’m trying, surrounded by colourful plush things and water trucks going by and the AC blasting onto my neck.

At this point in my life I feel like if I was given a solid hour to be alone and have no chores to do, I would end up creating this fantastic novel, this blog piece that everyone would enjoy and I would make hundreds of thousands from it.

I don’t think the hundreds of thousands is too far fetched. Just the solid hour.


I do love my life, don’t get me wrong. Get me RIGHT!
But it changes a whole bunch when your title of a friend or a sister or daughter or wife, becomes friend who is a Mom, my daugher who has a child, my sister that made me an Aunt.
It reaches all corners.

I guess I just like to acknowledge the fact that the value of time increases by a whole elephant load of elephants when you become a Mother.
And it can very easily overcome us Moms. When every minute and everything we do is related back to time. If I put him to sleep now, he’ll wake up this time and then we can tell our friends we’ll meet them then. Even if it is nothing related to baby. Indirectly, it does.

Adapting is something we all do in life. Gradually, slowly, we do. Because things are ever changing and we grow and experience new things. It is a grand feeling in a way because we have control over who we are. We take what we want from experiences and we deal with them according to the decisions we make. To either turn on the positive city lights or the flashing negative signs, we are given the opportunity to make it how we want it!



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