Smoother Dealings

Things have been going a lot better.
Somewhere in there my husband went to being crazy nice and patient and that’s resulted in me being less stressed and more happy.
Now that it’s happened it’s like, ‘oh yes, of course this is the change we needed to make!’. If you have different issues but are dealing with them always the same and they aren’t getting any better, then you should probably change how you are dealing with them. The approach makes a big difference. If you talk about it so much that it points out other areas that weren’t even an issue in the first place, that’s a problem. Specially if it happens every single time. I felt that every time we got into an arguement, I knew it was going to end in us still being upset, at something likely different then what started it. The more gentle approach seems to be working. We are happier all around and I am spending more one on one time with Zeek and he can sense it to.