People and There Worth

Imagine our worth was gauged from space. Based on the visible of what we own. Field owners would be the richest people. Not even ones that own towers. And incorporate colours too. Blue shapes would be money lookin’ spaces. Spans of yellow would be worth a lot because of the profit that comes from it.

That’s a horrible way to judge someone’s worth in life.
To think a persons worth can even be calculated.
I’m worth three cars and she’s worth 12 cats. Um what?

I think it’s really neat that everyone is a different worth in someone’s eyes based on the relationship between the two people.

We are all worth something. aren’t we. And worth differently according to different people. But having more people in our lives that value us, doesn’t mean our worth is more.
It doesn’t add up like that.

I wonder how accurate we could place our own worth. Collect it from the various in our life and then divide it? I think that’s not where it should come from.

The most important worth to have, is our own.
And we see others worth of us, based on it.
But where does our self prescribed worth come from.
It must, alittle. Come from other people?

Our value in worth itself must be different from each other’s.
But it must come down to some core fundamentals.

People shouldn’t be worth any amount of physical substance. Coin. Sheep. Chocolate milk.
But does it make it okay if we attach the word unlimited?’ They are worth an unlimited amount of hugs.’ ‘ They are worth more than all the peanuts in the world. And then some. ‘

We are always worth our own time.
Because without it,
we wouldn’t have anything to be worthy of.

Where do the worthy components come from?
From the people we grew up knowing? Our family?
The person we have become?
They are general speculations and I cant quite get to the specifics because I simply don’t know where they are.

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