Telling Parents You See It

Lately I’ve been pretty emotional when it comes to my 20 month old and I. Watching him and tears moving in with all there bags and furniture.
And they set up home nicely in my heart.

I basically live alone here. Noone gets to see me interact with my child.
I am too blame for this.
However, going out in public, displaying the bond between Parent and child, is not something that is really taken into account. People don’t come up and say ‘ hey, i noticed the connection you have with your child, it is wonderful to see!’.
But I wonder if we looked for that.
When out at a playground or play group, we looked for details of a great connection between the two.
And I wonder if we spoke up, and if we told them that we had seen it.
What it would do.

Parents need compliments. They need to know they are doing things right. And emotional comments are going to hit a special place in the heart, furthering the relationship between parent and child.

I’m not saying we need them to be a good parent.
But it does help immensly.

I get sad because none of my family sees it. Not even my own partner. Not because it isn’t there-it most certinaly is-but because they are not around.
They are not around to value, to have appreciation.
I wouldn’t expect them to feel the connect like Zeek and I do.
But that’s the thnig that makes it so special.No one will have it.

So whenever I’m back in Canada and can communicate with people, I hope I remember this.
That to tell parents I see a glimmer of the bond they have with their child, is something I want to do. ( Of course, when I really do sense it.)
Because I know how much good it will do.

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