Maintaining Appreciation

How do we keep appreciation for the people in our lives, existable?
We all know we take things for granted.
So I want to know, how do I maintain the appreciation that you start out with.
Liking all these little quirks and details about someone, the reasons why you began to like them in the first place. They get covered over as time goes on, and next thing you know it, you’re ignoring those parts or simply not seeing them.
I realize we change and so our attractions may also, but there still must be a way to keep what caught our attention, on top.

Kind of like going to a new country and everything along the streets stands out. You catch all the details of the signs and colours and shapes of buildings. And six months later you find everything blends in.

How do you make life stand out?
How do you make everyday shapes turn up in your eyes?

Perhaps my expectations on this, are extreme.
Perhaps it is a way of living that cannot be done.
That it is more of day to day recognition.
Picking out shapes for a day, or colours.. Picking out the positives in your partner..

What you end up blending in with who you know them to be, is what other people grab on to.
It is dangerous because if your friend or partner does not feel you appreciate them, they will go find it elsewhere.
How do I make that ‘elsewhere’ be a place that exists, but is not needed?

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