Nana and Change

” No Mom, I don’t want to spend 60 bucks on a pair of boots Zeek will only wear for four months.”
So this is something new that’s popped up.
I feel obligated to buy nicer and better quality clothes for my son because my Mother and sister do. This will be something I quickly get over but it’s something that has escalated in one shopping trip.
I will tell them, ” Buy him what you want, but know that I do not care if he has the same clothes for a year-as long as they fit him’. I do wonder if it will be something I regret. Wishing I had of dressed him better or more stylish in his younger years. I know it certainly isn’t for him, but my own personal feels.

There are so many changes I’m going through as a Mom. And every single one of them is in my head.

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