Disorderly Common

Depression, anxiety,panic, disturbances with mind, imbalance in brain.
How much more common are these things nowadays?
A lot more talked about. People are a lot more open about it.
I really think it’s not just that. There are more cases of it than ever before. Because the world.

Because of divorce rates, because of choice, because of war, because people are people with characteristics of slow failure. Because there is medication for things.

I kinda happen to think that we’re all alittle doomed. Social media being one large factor. But that’s not even what I’m sad about. Life is life and it does it’s own thing.

I was a pretty happy being all my life. And then bam, 27 hit and I rolled over and found mud.
Even 26 when I was miserable living abroad. I had this hope in my heart, that if i could just get to my homeland, everything would be fine.
But it’s not. Now it’s not.
And it’s all in my head, it’s all in my head.




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