Sound Mind

You don’t have to expect the stuff in life for it to come. That’s an easy sort to understand. It just happens.
And like ex husband visiting his son for three weeks, I’m really not sure what to make of that one.
I mean, maybe I always thought I was to be a divorced lady. With a child. I will maintain the fact even though it has wilted the last year, I’m not that responsible. I’ve always let life do it’s thing with me and I’ve been rollable. Just.. you know, laid over with my good feels and acceptability and security in who I was as an individual. Because when you think you have your life together, even if it isn’t, it basically is. Because that’s a sound mind. And a sound mind goes a lot longer ways then a messy mind and a stable life. Right ?

Your mind is the strongest attribute to life. And my mind is failing me. I’m failing it.
I’m falling off the world.
And it’s quite the crazy nut of an almond feeling.


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