Bad and Good

I wonder if everyone does it
Look back at a certain point in life, when they’re 27 lets say,
and see all their choicesfrom the past. And how the bad ones glam up more than the good. That’s always the way isn’t it. The bad wears the highlighter notion and the good is a background piece.

So then you take those bad choices, and you dwell on them a little, knowing you can’t change them and knowing they have changed you and the outcome is altered.

There are things to do with knowledge like that.
Like, not to make the same choices.
Like build a strength and be immune to those possabilities.
Like, be a better person and make more good decisions

But at the same time,
you don’t want to.
you feel there’s not much hope.
That you’re undeserving of everything good you have
because of those bad choices..

You were a bad person. You weren’t good.
Your choices are mostly bad .
You are mostly a bad person and you made people think you were good.
Which is even worse.