Yes, okay

So again, drunk in the basement of my parents home. I am 27 years old and my choices and their good/bad love have landed me here.

That’s the thing. I can’t tell if their love is good or bad.Maybe sucking up to your child all those years kinda backfires.

Except if they didn’t takeme in, i would be on the streets. And my son would be taken away. They know this. Thanks choices.

You suck.

I’m supposed to lay out positive. Yes. Right.


so i got a new eyeliner today.

and a ring

a ring.


so maybe that’ll go around the circuit and make it all better.

like love.

you know?

even if you don’t know.

you nod like you do

its just what


we’re taught to do



but that just gets us deeper in something we don’t even know yet.



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