To Him

This morning we woke up beside one another.

Awhile after we finish and have laid together:

” Care to have some coffee with me?”, you ask.

I linger slowly around the kitchen while you get ready for work.
It feels different. I don’t know what to do. I used to get out my notebook or paper and write a list or do SOMETHING.
But I’m just standing there in my underware and white top pacing but trying not to look like I’m pacing, trying to act like this is normal and average and not a big deal at all.
I really just want to walk over to you and hug you very hard.

Before my Dad comes to pick me up, you wonder if you should drive me. You are sleepy and slow and you stop putting on your sweatshirt and you open your arms with a sad smile on your face and you are weak and fragile and burning a happy and I kiss your neck and your cheeks and your nose and you land one on my cheek and then it is time to go.

I kiss your lips and you kiss back.