Phone Convo Before Bed

You asked if you could call tonight.

Then asked what I had been doing before our call.
” I was in bed.”
“You weren’t sleeping?”
“No, I was looking up recipes.”

Before we hung up I mentioned how my son ate a cupcake in the bed and the bed was going to be very crummy.
You jumped on it.

” Weren’t you already in bed?”
“Yes, just on the top covers.”
“Doing what?”
” I already said I was looking up recipes!”



It’s crazy!
You’re assuming I’m chatting to someone or talking on the phone. I know that’s how your brain is configuring that information

I hate that!

And I totally did it to myself from the past-but come on, there’s GOT TO BE a point where that is dropped and forgiven and LET GO.

How else are you or I supposed to move on in any direction in life?!?!