Learning Away

It’s amazing how much you can learn about someone even after you’ve been with them for a year. But then to be away.
And learn. Learning all the time.

In your texts. The timing. The pushes.

I’m figuring it out!

You see,
NOW, after last nights debacle, I realized I cannot PLAN things with you. That weirds you out too much. You like last minute, perhaps even last hour plans. Where you don’t have to think much about what we’re doing.

I remember the first last minute planned trip we planned. We had two hours before we met up. And at the last 20 you started backing out.

“My dad came by.”
“What the fuck are we doing Jen”

Those types of things.

And when I tried to make plans with you for today, last night, you said
” Let’s just stop seeing each other. It just makes me feel more alone and wanty.”

Which is true. For the both of us.
But enough time together without space inbetween,
I think you’ll come around.

I do.