Either Or

It’s amazing how a person can make you so happy.
Someone you had for so long in your life.
And that happiness is amplified when you don’t have them.
But I know, if I ever do have him back, that happiness will be maintained and well nourished and be the best and the last relationship I will ever be in.

This is how I see it.
We have seen each other a few times in the past week. And they have been decently well meetups. We will either continue them, and be closer to dating-and eventually get back together.

Or else, very soon, in a few weeks or so. We will stop all contact and continue no more.
For we cannot be friends without our dating scenes. We are too accustomed to it and natural to it. It is what we are supposed to be if we are to be in contact.

One day I wish I will be able to write a post titled,
‘We’re Getting Back Together!’