5 days In with a Belly

I don’t really care that I have the belly on me of an 20 week old fetus inside a belly of a 20 week pregnant woman.

No guys, I’m not pregnant.
I just haven’t drank booze in 5 days.

The thing is: I feel happier AND healthier.
As absurd as that seems because I’ve been seen shovelling  chips, chocolate chips and coconut slivers in my mouth left right and straight.
It doesn’t matter. I still feel happier and know that in due time, when all this crazy subsides, I’ll run or eat better. This is the way I’m going about the process of zero percent of alcohol in my system. Yeah sure there are healthier ways out there, but this is what is working for me and if I have to work it all off in a few weeks time, so be it. I believe in me.

Go me!