After All This Time..

Alright. So.
I’ve had a little bit of an emotional breakthrough.
My heart after 27 years, has felt a new frickin thing.
It’s called love.

27 Years.

Okay. So I love my child.
But loving a man ( not a boy ), my age ( not 24 years younger ),  is a really really cool, large, deal.
Okay. So I thought I loved my husband.
That to me, is now in my books labelled as ‘in love’.

And you know what?
There’s a gigantic difference in that book of mine.

I will likely write about that differance in a seperate poast. Wow. I just wrote post as poast.

My heart has been in heaves the past two days.
I drove to work yesterday breathing as fast as a hyena who’s run 14 k.
So much so that I started getting lightheaded and the windows fogged up. The defrost was on full blost too.

Here I am knowing I’m about to launch a spray of my brainworks,heartworks- and whatever other works I’ve got in the unknown makings-by me, at you guys.
The next few posts may be of a repetitive nature, but hey- sometimes we become consumed in soaking in our feelings.
And that’s not too bad of a thing.

Specially when it’s kinda gotta sorta um,

really is to do
with the real thing




Really really.