Plans? Hmm?

I usually don’t tell my plans for that makes them crinkle before they can even stand.
And likely because, ” I’M COMING TO VISIT YOU OVER THERE JEN!’
And then,
poof. Texts really can make a statement.

I am willing and capable of planning, but I do it in accordance ( if it involves another ) of THEIR planning record with me. I don’t get angry at bails anymore. I just probably won’t make that big, if any, effort to see you next time.

Us Hue-mints, if we want to see and hang with someone bad enough, if we understand that getting ready and driving there is, yes an ‘ugggghhh i don’t wannaaaaaaa’ type of feeling but once there you feel awesome and great and you even click it into your brain like, ‘HEY, Yo, ME, next time just don’t go about it with such huffpuff, cause it’s fine once here’, then it’s all goood!

But no, I started this post because I’m just gonna try something different here.

April First I’m gonna kinda sorta star…. NO, i’m GOING to start a health punch kick type of thing. I’ve eaten enough crapmunch the past 38 days and it’s time for me to top a notch into my phrysical brain that makes me feel yum about bodyself and hey, I’m wondering if I’ll post pictures. I’ll keep ya posted:)

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