What a Surprise?

Mere hours after posting my No Response post, how surprised was I when at 1:50am, phone rings. And through fuzzy eyes I see,
that it is



We update alittle on each others week of no contact. I can tell that you’ve been drinking.

35 minutes later, I can’t believe that I’m on my way over to your place.
Driving with a windshield 85% covered in ice, having had to crawl in the back door because the front wouldn’t open. Iced shut.
I didn’t even believe the phone call.

You had never even checked your email, so you weren’t aware that I had written.


We don’t make love, but for two hours we sit, drink tea and talk. You are playful, and redirect attention away from any negative. And before I leave we hold each other, touch each other and say,
” So I’ll see you tomorrow? ”


Oh boy.