How does one let go?

I can feel myself slipping. Negatives slide in, stab in, soak in and stay. They’re dissolving little bits of themselves into my system. And it’s alittle scary.
I don’t feel too strong. My happiness is wavering.
I asked myself what I could be doing to make myself feel more together. I could eat better, eat less and see more people.

I dropped a lot of people in my past relationship- because I wanted to. I don’t hold resentment to the relationship because of that. I think it needed to happen. Now I’m at a different part of life where having those people around me who really do love me and care about me, is beneficial. I figure I’m hesitating because I’m still waiting. Still waiting for the ex to forgive.
And that’s discouraging in itself. I can’t tred air because of a possability and a desire. I’ve got to let go. But how do you want to let go and how do you do it without feeling guilty and how do you do it feeling serious about it?

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