Day 13’April 13

I may have missed Day 11 and Day 12, but today- Day 13- Wowza manowza. One hour and 13 minutes I was out there. Dancing my heart out in the warmth. A tank top on. I repeat: a tanktop. Pretty dang wonderful. The warmth certainly gave me the boost and knowing that I had missed two days of movement. Gosh. Ima’ gonna sleep good tonight. That music just hit me in the boost of a spot.

3 comments on “Day 13’April 13

  1. Still living the idea of the tank too to the max! If I give you my address would you send it to me? 🙂

    • Lively Life says:

      Say what? You’re going to trade your dress for my tank top? 😛
      Also on the note of warm weather, it was very very nice today and shall be ( as I am told by the weather peoples ) warm all weekend. Wahoo!

      • I see what you did there – very clever! 🙂
        Yes, I would trade my dress (if I had one) for your tank top any day of the week.
        Great that you’re getting some good weather this weekend. I think that it might finally be heading towards summer here in the north of England (York) too. Yay for warm summer days. 🙂

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