One Man

He was a hard worker.
He drew the blueprints and built his own 5 bedroom house when he was 23.
He married a very pretty woman.
They had children.
She was the lenient. And he was the strict.

He worried about money a lot
and she spent it
or rather,
she spent it
and he worried about not having enough.
He moved up the ladder in his career.
He was the leader at work.
But he wasn’t at home.
They fought about the children and about money.
He put all his time and effort into doing better where it felt it did less damage
where negative affects weren’t seen.
He became a workaholic.

He spent less time at home
the relationships with his children suffered.

when asked to take on a job away from the house he had built
he said no
because his children were young and he still wanted to influence
as best he could.
For years until it was all his life,
he was boss over hundreds of people
but barely had leverage on his own family.

They fought all the time.

He gained more respect at work
but had none under the roof he lived
the one he had made with his bare hands.

Until the children were all grown up
and he went overseas to work
once, twice
and the picture became a little clearer to the grown-ups.

A few years before he retired
when the effect of his wife was wearing off
his children slowly found the seeds and admiration grew.

After 36 years of working and being the unfavourable parent at home,
he retired
with the relationships between his children intact.

Six months after he retired,
his wife left him.

She demanded more than half
of what he had worked for his whole life.

Instead of retiring with the hundreds of thousands he has accumulated over the years,
that money now goes to lawyers
Instead of that money going towards his childrens inheritance,
half of all that he has worked for and sacrificed for his entire life
now goes to her.



That one man is my father.
And all he has worked for in his life,
is now being taken away from him
by my mother.






7 comments on “One Man

  1. Vivek says:

    I hope you don’t blame Any of them, do you?

    • Lively Life says:

      I blame both of them. 🙂 They both could have made better choices in the relationship, ones that would improve it and help them to stay together. Kinda like the relationship I was in.
      Thank you for your questions and comments Vivek. 🙂

      • Vivek says:

        You’re Most Welcome, Jenni!
        But, there is another side of this story…
        Both of them are not to be blamed because both of them were doing their ‘KARMA’ and seeking stress-less lives!
        However, everything for what you are blaming them is just the unfortunate-failed-consequence of their efforts/struggles!

      • Lively Life says:

        Hmm.. I don’t know if I agree entirely. I might write a post about it 😉

      • Vivek says:

        Will wait for that post!

      • Lively Life says:

        Well, I’ll write things here so you don’t have to wait. I know how impatient you can be. 😛 I understand that if they had tried and failed, then it would be silly to blame them. But because of the lack of trying, it’s kind of difficult to take away that blame.I blame them because they DIDNT try.

      • Vivek says:

        Hey…you know me…😁

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