Living Conditions


Everyone’s got ’em.

Houses are all going to have negatives. From leaving the door open in the dead of wintersnow to sleeping in till noon everyday- yeah, they’re going to be there. It’s not just happening at your house.
Think of all the people living inside the same walls as you. Then think of yourself.
You can go ahead and label that a relationship.

Don’t stick to the negatives. And instead, comment on the positives.

Respect and understand that the peoples have different ways to wash carrots or pull in the driveway. That people will forget that you’re sleeping or that you worked late last night or that you were going to have a shower and expected it to be HOT water instead of luke warm.

Figure out your priorities. What you can deal with- and not just deal but be fine and well and eventually, not care about type of dealings. Choose your battles.

I really don’t know what to do about the continual  occurances you so detest. So I will completely avoid that section altogether. 😀

As for the ones that are every now and then that rev up your anger levels a few notches, my basic adjustment is that of using your voice; yep, that there noise that occasionally comes out from between your loopy lips- and expressing it directly .

Make sure the problem is KNOWN.
Half the time we’re making this inner turmoil launch simply because we have yet to tell them that we HATE when they leave their toothbrush TOUCHING ours.
How can you expect them to stop if they do not know there actions are making anyone upset.

There will be times they slip up and truely forget. You have to let that slide and trust that they want a better living condition just like you- which means they want everyone around them to be happy.

Voice the positives of people and there doings and not the negatives. We’re all children somewhere deep within. We like being told that what we’re doing is good. We’ll do more of it. I don’t want to hear that I didn’t clean the toilets last week or that I left my laundry in the clothes basket too long. That just breeds negativity.

We are more determined to do well with positive feedback.
We become more approachable, productive and willing to make a home out of a four walled existence.

We feel like we’re worth something if we can make positive impact- even if it only  means someone told us it was nice we put the toilet seat down today.



5 comments on “Living Conditions

  1. Vivek says:

    Haven’t I told you earlier too?
    I Love your English, Jennifer! ❤

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