The Transition

I and You are into another part of our ‘breakup’. I really don’t see us not being in contact again. Friday morning we made arrangements for a s l e e p o v e r . That’s the most planned we’ve been since the day I went over to get all my items 3 months ago. I don’t know the texture of three months but I am sure it doesn’t feel like this.
It’s been YEARS since we’ve been apart, hasn’t it?
All though, I must admit we’ve come along ways since those first two weeks where anger was in every darn corner reaching for the brightest parts of your heart. 
Most might tend to think that the ‘Friend Zone’ is entirely negative and not beneficial at all; to at least one of the members in the zone.
However, this is by far the best zone we could be in at this point.
We’re lessening the physical and recognizing we just really value each others company and quality time spent together.

You even SAID that! You are bending oh so very far from the standpoint you had weeks ago. And I am very thankful for this.

I can’t help the fact that I feel different coming to your place and that my heart brims up with tears 100% of the time we see one another now. I am very touched and moved to have got to this space with you. I feel privileged,fortunate and honored.

For the both of us, this is a challenging flip flop of an emotional time right now. We’re in between something here. And the transition feels kinda weird.
No matter how it can hurt and feel really tough,  ( ” Oh, just move on already girl- go spread your dating wings and you’ll find someone in no time. ” ) the fact that I am very steady in my thoughts to have you and want you, that I am bold and unwavering for you, is a sure sign to me that I am forever in real love with you.

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