Belly Up

I spend 4 hours straight
curving through Youtube videos
because I do not want to press stop
too afraid to run around my own mind track

in bed
in silence
in darkness.

I think so much these days
it hurts the head of my house
I walk, like most of you do
into Movies, Romances and Make Upped people world,
Life that doesn’t really exist like that
only mere ideas formed to make
what we see on screen.

We escape there, letting our emotions attatch to those
and we let go of our own reality
if only for a little while.

I am afraid of my own thoughts
and days like these
it turns me belly up.



19 comments on “Belly Up

  1. We all need an escape. Some find their escape on YouTube, some in “reality TV”, some in the movies or on television, some in books… Where ever you need to go or look, it’s good to have somewhere to take your mind off reality, if only for a little while.

    Personally, I try to find distractions more often than I’d like to admit…

    • Lively Life says:

      I suppose it is a good thing to ‘get away’ from our current lifespin occasionally isn’t it. Thank you for that side of it:) Just difficult to moderate it sometimes eh!

      • Getting away… Talking to people, just to vent… and, I suppose, finding inner peace. All good ideas to relieve daily stress.

      • Lively Life says:

        It’s interesting. When you start looking at actions a certain way, you see a difference in the way it makes you feel. You recognize the affect of withdrawl as well.

  2. Always honor your ideas, thoughts and must importantly your feelings and emotions. The more you try to escape them, the worse it will become. I know.

  3. Evie says:

    This is such a beautiful poem!

  4. Jeanne says:

    Stay or go away? Should this poem be sad or happy. Your thoughtful poetry visits questions. Like! ☺️❀️

  5. This was so beautiful and I can relate so much with its content, speaks so much to me, makes me feel better knowing someone does the same as me to get away from our own thoughts…

  6. Very well written and relatable. I can say I’m sort of going through the same thing as what was described in the poem. Life has a strange way of operating, especially when human society and money are concerned :/.

    • Lively Life says:

      Thanks for your comment LEA. Yes, society/ money certainly plays a large role in all our lives. Some things we can’t run from but rather have to accept and act/be accordenly.

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