Friday Night

I drank last night for the first time since March 11th 2016.

It was alright. I didn’t go crazy. I got real tired real quick. And at the end, I felt bad for the stupid dill pickle chips I ate.

Drinking kind of splattered my health kick everywhere. That’s a thing about drinking that I forgot.
I still feel rather drunkified.

But yuh know, sitting across from a 52 year old male who talks about his antique finds and putting my social skilling to use, was actually pretty rewarding. I reminded myself of what I was good at. It can be dangerous, but this time I know that. I know he’ll like me and want to see me again and that meeting like this, changes everything about our future encounters. I know that my skills still work and I’m more aware of them than I was when I last used them.

So anyhoozle, my night out interacting under the slight of influence was beneficial.
And that’s that!





7 comments on “Friday Night

  1. Lively Life says:

    That’s true devotion right there!

    • Lively Life says:

      Is that weight currency or money? Or both! Probably both. I myself tend to dive in ( literally one time, I dove off a plaid couch into three unopenened bags of chips to see if I could pop them ) to too much food when under the influence.

      • Lively Life says:

        Oh gorsh. It’s like those two stories were supposed to meet!

        Let’s just say they didn’t open with the loud pop I was hoping for. More like crunch and crinkle and release of air all mixed in with my laughters. I havent done it again to know if it was just my angle being all wrong. Haha.
        Yay for pops and such.

  2. There’s never a bad time to realize that you’re a great conversationalist, and can talk comfortably to anyone about any subject–even if that someone is, say, 20 years your senior and you’ve had a bit to drink. 🙂

    The fact that you had a good time talking to this older gentleman gives me hope for the future–and at the same time creeps me out a bit to think of how old you were when he was your age. 😀

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