Eight year old boy says, ” If you have your phone you could take pictures of the cars.”


Cameras won’t ever go extinct, but moments like these make me wonder…

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6 comments on “PhoCam

  1. The ongoing march of technology: cellphone cameras have become of such high quality that, aside from the occasional need for optical zoom, they have replaced point-and-shoot cameras.

    Don’t even get me started on the loss of film cameras…

    • Lively Life says:

      Heh. The way of the world eh. Awhile back I decided I wouldn’t complain about the changes because for one, I cannot control them and two, by embracing and accepting, I’ll turn out a lot less crabby. Even if it is sad to see some things go.

      • No, I think you’re on the right track. You have to kind of go with the flow of technology… I can’t really complain that my phone today is 50-100 times more powerful than my desktop computer was 25 years ago.

        As we see with vinyl records, sometimes old technology makes a comeback. 🙂

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