Saturday Mornings

Half dazed with half the sleep dust in the crevices of my half open eyes
sitting on the back porch with the blue jays tweeting without the use of cellphones
talking in depth with Father about our life situations
and it will be so deep of a conversation I could dive in at the shallow end and still not hit bottom.

Oh Saturday mornings once in a blue sunshine of a day
they impact whole heartedly.

5 comments on “Saturday Mornings

  1. i love the way you express yourself. nicely done

  2. Very nicely stated. I miss days where I could sit out back and listen to the birds, or just the stillness of the Earth, of the field. Welcome to America, where there aren’t many fields left in front of the houses, except in the most rural of areas…

    This gives me an idea for a blog post myself… Coming in a bit… Thanks for the springboard!

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