Make Happy Happyn

You take the good stuff in your life that happens, you take it and when it happens, you get really happy and excited and make sure nothing can make you feel otherwise. You  explore that land of happy, and you take happy seeds and plant them and let your beads of happy sweat fall onto the soil. Let your excitement and thrill of the happy be the rays of sun and oxygen for these seeds. Breed happy. Make Happy so happy that it desires to come back. Again
and again
and again.
It’s going to love the field you grow and every time you walk through it, let the feeling of happy permeate. Acknowledge it. Let your happy babble trickle through the leafery so that every piece in your land, naturally flutters with anticipation of producing more Happy.

6 comments on “Make Happy Happyn

  1. Excellent idea! 🙂

  2. Jeanne says:

    Happy seeds! 🌻🌞🌧❤️

  3. Making happy happen is great, just don’t water the seeds of happiness with tears. 😌

    • Lively Life says:

      Happy tears? 🙂

      • Happy tears are good, but there’s such a fine line between types of tears. Happiness can appear to happen, but sometimes the tears are caused when you open your eyes and realize that the happiness was a temporary mirage, now disappearing in the heat of the desert day…

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