Motions on the Inner

Do you ever feel it riddling through your system, coming out of your eyes and making your feet 10 pound weights and appetite absent and you feel, feel, feel GOOD about it?
That your body reacting and your heart pumping and brain feeling and making it the way that it is in your self, is a way of telling your soul that you fricking care?
And because you feel what your body is feeling, it tells you that you have a heart and it matters and cares and believes and LOVES?

Emotions are perfect for your small frame,
no matter how heavy they make you feel.
They pluck all your enzymes and cells and bacteria
and load on the pulse, the breath,the actuality
of living.


And it’s beautiful. Absoulutely beautiful.


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2 comments on “Motions on the Inner

  1. I really really like this piece marvelous

  2. Jeanne says:

    Feeling alive after reading your post…💛

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