Spin me Home

Stealthy mobility drips down my forearms and onto the tulips I planted two months ago.
Haze catches in my throat and blurs my vision
I am blue, I am orange, I am every colour you thought I wasn’t six months ago.

I bloomed a sense of indecency and wrote a pile of suns to play with and you watched me dig the hole of nusiance
and I did and put in my garden gloves and hat you always loved for me to wear.

I am a trusted spoke of a wheel of one hundred
and I hope for you to spin us all the way reverse;
back the way we came so that we can trample all the ugly and make new
our beauty.
Make us dizzy in love.

11 comments on “Spin me Home

  1. ishachoudhary says:

    Nice post!😉

  2. Quite an interesting poem.

  3. ishachoudhary says:

    I have nominated you for LiebsterAward. Check out my https://talentisunbelievable.wordpress.com

  4. calexandra says:

    Beautiful. I love the first line and the last line so much.

  5. Just that one Girl says:

    Great post, beautifully written.

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