Swerving into Happy

I’m actually kind of sad right now.
Actually no.
I’m really sad.
So I’m gonna bring myself up by typing out this lovely posty for me!
for you!
for your diaper wearing toddlers and the people that surround you daily. Okay-so maybe they’reย the same thing..but za point is, your happiness affects all the zones in your life!

It makes perfect sense to me! Life does. I believe it does and because I believe that and understand that I will falter in that belief occasionally, it makes it all easier.

Today I started wondering why I feel like I’m still 20. I’ve felt 20 for six years now. Whatzupwifdat.

Welp folks, my conclusion today.. it’s not that I can put on nailpolish any better-because I for the life of the cat I don’t have, can’t- it’s likely because I’m making the same darn tootin’ poor decisions!
For gorsh sakes!

I’m all for being young and pouncy and giving heart a wide berth of understanding to all ages, but some of the decisions you consistently made when you were younger shouldn’t be ones pattering up your adult years.
They have a much bigger impact and long lasting affects. And likely to more than just you. ย We’re kinda supposed to be more responsible now, right?

I guess this morning I just gots to tinking of all dis and got down on myself.
But yuh know what, writing this post has been like rain to the dry flowers.
If being so postive in any ridiculous sucky life situation makes me laugh, I think I’ll do that.
As long as my learning will be.

12 comments on “Swerving into Happy

  1. Leah Wentworth says:

    I was 26 before I started (emphasis on started) acting more adult like. LOL baby steps. All your experiences and oops’ will shape you into the person you were meant to be:)

  2. Everything will get better

  3. linds01 says:

    We are always going to have the opportunities to make choices. Sometimes we don’t know if they are good or bad at the time, sometimes we don’t have enough information. Sometimes we make bad choices out of emotional impulses, or because something seems familiar, ect. Sometimes we think we are making a great choice, only to find out it wasn’t. It’s ok to make bad choices, even when we feel like we should know better. They DO affect our lives, for sure- but it really depends on what your end goal is. If your end goal is to have a perfect and carefree life, then I am afraid you will have more obstacles than just your choices. There is a lot of “chance” in life, and even if you make the right choice at every turn there usually is a huge stumbling block that will still present itself our of no where. But, if the end goal is to know yourself, love yourself and others around you then making bad choices is the best way to go about that. Slowly but surely you will start to figure out the why’s, as well as better alternatives along the way. You’re 26. Sheesh! Give yourself a break. I’m 41 and still make bad decisions. But, I am getting better at it! ๐Ÿ™‚ I think you’ll make it, just fine. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Lively Life says:

      Thank you so much for a lengthy and detailed comment. I guess there’s lots of reasons behind why we make the decisions we do and they sometimes don’t seem as obvious but can make sense if/when we find it.
      I really liked your point of the end goal. Wanting a life of carefree and that even making all the ‘right’ decisions, bad things still happen. There are always decisions to make in life like you said, and new ones at that..I know you don’t mean make bad choices purposefully, just to learn from the ones you do make and even from the ones we don’t! Now, are you gettingn better at making bad decisions or better at not? ๐Ÿ˜›
      Here’s another short post I wrote on mistakes if you wanna give it a look ๐Ÿ™‚ https://rampike.wordpress.com/2016/06/26/motivational-mistakes/
      Thanks again for your comment!

  4. ericstone51 says:

    I’m 65 and I’ve learned from every bad choice, every wrong turn, every mistake I’ve ever made. Because I’ve learned all this through all these years my life now is perfect in every way. I never get sad or down or confused or frustrated because I’m too old to remember why I’m commenting here. Every decision I make is exact, precise and perfect. And…errr…..Also…..I’m an F’n LIAR…LIAR…LIAR..pants on fire, nose is longer than a telephone wire!

    • Lively Life says:

      And you can admit that!! That’s way better than denial in my books. You’re aware and conscious and that ‘clicking’ in the back of your brain that you listen to more now than you used to.. I like that a lot. Because I’m trying to be more in tune too. With those inside voices. They actually MEAN something don’t they. I also wanted to comment on your post ‘My Way’ but there was no option to? I just wanted to say that’s exactly how it was when it came to my birthing experience. I looked up basic info but I did not look into personal experiences. I wanted my own to be mine and not compare to any others! Turned out wonderful and very much my own story influenced by noone but myself.

      • ericstone51 says:

        birthing experience? You don’t mean being born, but giving birth to your child, I assume. Ya, there’s just so much info and stories being put out on the internet that it’s hard to just make life you’re own or not compare or judge. Enough already! Cool…thanks for responding.

  5. Jeanne says:

    ๐Ÿ™ƒ๐Ÿ’› fun!!

  6. Morgan says:

    Blessings and happiness to you

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