The Reaction to Truth

No wonder people say, ” I’ll be there in 10 minutes!” when they really know it’s more like 20. No wonder we curve the truth just a tiny tad bit so that the other beams at the response. It’s easy to. It feels a heck of a whole lot better then saying the truth and getting a reaction that makes them-and then yourself- disappointed.
No wonder people opt to say nothing, instead of the truth.

We have gotten worse at handling the truth and so we’ve got better at lying.
We’re kind of like babies. We’re a lot more sensitive then we were, can’t cope as well as we once did and when Parent says, ” Please put your shirt and shoes on “, we scream a lot louder.

Pleasing people. A lot of us do it. And it’s no wonder.
Being defeated by our own choice of vulnerable exposure is tiring. Draining. And hurts.

I suggest we watch for the reactions that will hinder peoples’ openness. When we react agressively or with silence, we’re only doing no one a favour. Appreciating and vocalising value for the choice of telling makes it easier for that person to tell you more things. In turn it makes for a closer, stronger relationship.


8 comments on “The Reaction to Truth

  1. You make so much sense here. I must confess that I react aggressively (verbally) and then with silence. I’m instantly ashamed of myself but by then, of course, it’s too late. Even apologising cannot take back the hurt I give. Thanks for the timely reminder.
    Kindness – Robert.

  2. I think a lot of people could do well to try to listen more to each other instead of defending their own position. I enjoyed your post

  3. Good points, many times I’m a people pleaser because it’s easier than causing conflict. Nicely said…

  4. Haha this is all too true. I have always found it quite surprising at how much people demand the truth and then feel angry or offended even though they wanted it (not applicable to all).

    The truth isn’t there to please people, its there to convey information. When it is manipulated to please others, it becomes something else, it is no longer the truth.

    I have never really manipulated the truth (at least not that I can recall), but then again I don’t really put myself in the position of lying :P.

    • Lively Life says:

      You write ideas out so simply and matter of factly. And they make sense. They tend to have an additive to them that I hadn’t thought of or a new perspective with the same agreement just with another way that it makes sense! Thanks for your words always.

  5. Ana P. Rose says:

    This makes so much sense!!! Thanks. Tweeting it.

    Also, I’ve been nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award. And I’d like to nominate you in return. Hope you can do it. 🙏

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