What’s In My Goody Closet

We should all have goody closets.

That’s where we place the fun and unnecessary objects we accumulate in life.

These are items you get excited rushes for when you think about using them. They are plans in waiting.
They are silly, youthful and beautiful to have.

Depending on your speed of collecting, usage and rate of boredom, Goody Closets should carry no more than 2 months worth.

Doller stores are my gems of affection. I rarely come out of a store holding not less than a ten dollar bag of equipment,gear,silly string, snacks, etc.

Currently in my Goody Closet I have the following:

Fake Eyelashes
I decided to buy 6 pairs of them four weeks ago and for the first time in my life I tried a pair and laughed so hard I cried. My son told me my eyelashes were ‘broken’. I intend to get my brother to try these things on and let him see what he looks like with four sets of eyelashes.

Fake Nails
This may sound boring for those of you who religiously wear them. I don’t. And if I get through putting them on without glueing my hair down with them, I’ll be happy.

Edible Sprinkles
Whether for a craft or to top peanut buttered bread. Whether to lure a mouse or to see how long they can stick on your friends face, these are bound to be messy but oh such a ball!

Temporary Tattoos

2L Bottle of Pepsi
Quick fix of caffiene that automatically comes with the giggles.

Blowing Bubble Set

Brownie Mix
Lego Movie
I’ve seen it once before and let’s just say I built a tower of inspiration inside of me.



Start collecting stuff for your Goody Closet today and let me know what goodness you come up with!






2 comments on “What’s In My Goody Closet

  1. I like your Goody closet – whimsical and fun! Altogether I love your blog and I am glad I found you!

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