Breast Enlargements

I think it interesting how woman will go and pay to get there breasts enlarged and wear tight, low cut and revealing tops or dresses.
I guess it’s almost like buying a sports car.
But flaunting body, not money.

I suppose because I’m more attracted to someone who spends time and pays attention – not money- on themselves, that the instant gratification implants offer isn’t as soothing an idea to me.

And yeah, you may have worked for that money used to change your body, and you may have felt completely useless and without confidence in your old shape.
But hey, I think it might be saying something when every outfit and event has you popping your boobs out like they were that way all along.

At that rate, I just think ones’ insecurities should be put under evaluation, not the knife.



2 comments on “Breast Enlargements

  1. A very interesting take on the subject… My personal feeling has always been that women (and men) need to be happy with the way they are, except possibly in extreme situations (like a woman who has to have a mastectomy due to cancer). But, this is a day and age where the only question is what’s legal–and affordable. If you have the money, and it makes you feel good–and it’s legal–go for it, I guess…

    • Lively Life says:

      There you are David! I was wondering when you were going to pop in. And on a post like this one! Haha.
      Thanks for your comment.
      Of course we’re all about self help and happiness and wanting to feel and look and be our best. Confidence goes a long ways. I just wish more of our society could find contentment in what they look like in the first place. ‘Cause you know, in ten years time maybe we’re all just plastic walking around – and what does that say for the values we’re placing on our people? Sure being happy with ourselves is important, but I’d like to think it starts in the heart and physical reconstruction doesn’t necessarily fix it. Yuh know?! Hehe, glad to see you’re still around.

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