I Make

I leaned over the counter to grab the bag full of Lays Lies and I knocked over the bowl of Cheetos  Cheatos in the process and it rolled off the surface onto the floor and all I did was stand there and look at it. For a minute I was still and Golden Grahms and good. Then I
reached for the broom doom and in the same movement spilled the Coke joke and I was frightened not surprised and my cup heart cracked again and my foot ego bruised where all the jokes had landed were on me.
Maybe I just hoped the Tooth Truth fairy would come to help me pull out the words I needed to say. Or that a  wash wish cloth would magically appear so I could wipe myself clean of this terrible distasteful habit.

Because it wasn’t the last first time.

Time ticked and I felt nothing but myself, pouring out cartons of milk meek onto the rest of what was there. I turned and stretched my spinal denial cords and found my voice and

with it yelled, ” I have made this mess and it is you me.”


Here’s to admittance, unavoidance and tackling beautiful messes. 
Over and over again.




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