I’m a Hamster

I’ve the whiskers of sensitivity sticking out of feel goods.
If there’s crumbs in between some, well I don’t mind; kinda makes me giggle.
Sometimes being on a hamster wheel is better then the London Eye or one at a carnival.
I ingrain behavior and modules into my hamster head on this wheel. Gotta make things more deep then surface and running through them over and over again puts my hearts blood in the right place.

Preparation for life off the life wheel.  There will be introductions to old situations. For when the content of depth has changed, so does the ability too choose differently. And that’s what makes me a wheely focused hamster.


6 comments on “I’m a Hamster

  1. paywindow7 says:

    There is something satisfying about pushing back at whatever is trying to put you under the grass. You’re strong and you’re tough. Keep pushing.

  2. Hamster wheels are like treadmills. They are great for getting your blood pumping and developing habits, but they don’t really get you anywhere. When you’re done running, you get off in the same place you got on.

    Preparations for getting off the wheel, using the stamina and resolve you’ve built up while getting in shape–physically, emotionally, spiritually–those will help propel you through any obstacles life throws at you in the future. 🙂

  3. Daal says:

    clever 🙂

    so glad you visited my blog – especially as its led me to your fun one here

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