Time Again

I grow and I learn,
and it is more common now
that I feel this happening.
I am aware and understanding
of the favorable and opposing.

I long to be strong and broken free
of this position I put myself in
time over and time under.
Time Again.

This is easier to accept then it was,
but it doesn’t go without struggle.
These that pull and push
not what I want
but at what length
what I will allow
and if I’m okay with feeling
like shite for it
every now and then.

I feel unFair and I am Feeling
that I let calibre go
just to feel the good I long for.
Time again.


but who am i kidding,



time always.


6 comments on “Time Again

  1. A new year with a new poem of creative juices.

    Beautiful work. 🙂

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