You Can Fake your Way Through Anything…But Don’t.

You can make your entire world ; your friends, family, other daily interactions.. think that you’re okay. That you’re even happy. That you’re feeling a certain way when you are not. That you ARE a certain way when you’re not.
You know how you can pretend to like a gift? And then just shove it in your closet, under your bed, regift..

If we pretend to like the gift of life, it’s not ever going to give us what we want.
The more we fake happiness-the worst being with the ones we are closest with, the better we get at it. Until we are reacting naturally like that.
But what’s the point?
To pretend we enjoy living? To pretend we’re actually as happy as our posted photos say? Come on guys, who are we kidding.
We’re never going to actually be happy that way.
Kinda just gotta be real with ourselves and maybe be more open to our sadness or downfalls and communicative of them. ‘Cause you know, the likeliness of connecting with someone over some unhappiness, is quite well…likely.Whether its with your sibling or best friend or person you just met.
And being cared by someone who REALLY knows your feels, well that’s a really good gift to give back to life. And Life don’t pretend nothing.

6 comments on “You Can Fake your Way Through Anything…But Don’t.

  1. Happiness sits within us. Find inner happiness then outer happiness will appear 😉

  2. TriOptic says:

    “If we pretend to like the gift of life, it’s not ever going to give us what we want.” How true this is. On my part, I get lazy with my self development. I tend to put everything on the back burner and just hope that I really am okay. Love this post, hits my heartstrings

    • Lively Life says:

      Awww, that makes me feel great knowing it played a little song for you and you were the instrument. it is easy to get lazy and stay that way, that’s why being motivated and inspired and feeling worth it, is so important! and something we have to go out and seek sometimes.

  3. pawan35 says:

    This post a good view on the comment I made at your comment at another blog.

  4. this is a great post…i like this…keep blogging..will be following u

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