Changing Choices

If you went back in time and made different decisions, some of the best things in your life right now, wouldn’t exist.


5 comments on “Changing Choices

  1. True. However, if we choose to change a decision in the past how are we to know if the choices we made could affect the now?

    Love this. 🙂

    • Lively Life says:

      yeah, much unknown . because we could do the what if thing too, where we think something greater could have happened if we chose something else. but, hows that a way to live if it can’t be changed anyways. so i like to take the positive from it and go with that ! 🙂 at least i try haha. can be difficult to though!

  2. navvirk says:

    This makes me wonder that everything occurs for a good reason

  3. calexandra says:

    Hi! Great food for thought that is encouraging and re-assuring. Thanks for sharing. This caught me at a great time.

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