When she believed in the water
she knew she could float.
When she understood rain
she found a red coat.
When she stumbled on stones
she turned a few over
When she drank it away
she finally got sober.


6 comments on “Learned

  1. That’s very beautiful and touching. Very much did I enjoy this snippet. Thank you.

    • Lively Life says:

      Nice of you to type and send, thank you OI. I didn’t forget about you- Just didn’t know what to reply with to that last message. Seemed like you were done with the messages but now that I think about it, how could you be. They were rad. :p

      • Well I haven’t been texting as much these days and the blogs have slowed, but it’s nice to hear you didn’t just walk away from our exchange. I’m sure we can find a few minutes here and there to explore some more craziness about life. Haha.

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