The Story of Past

We change our internal story mega. When we look back on the reasons why we did things, we can lay blame on ourselves and layer it up with regret. We can forget the real reason why we did what we did. When we were in that situation, in the heat of all that was going on in our life, leaving our partner was maybe the only thing that made sense at that time. Turning down that job was the best thing you could have done. We lose the basis of our then decision by our change of perspective that comes with the now. We over analyze with what ifs, the I should haves, the guilt.
By changing the story we become less connected with self and more connected to the story we created.
In accepting you made the choice you did and trusting that at that time it was the one to make, you let go of worry and stress and the tension those two things inevitably bring to the present.
We can’t be where we want to be if we are continually rereading the story that’s already
written on the pages of our Past.



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6 comments on “The Story of Past

  1. Mr. Mel says:

    Looking back does not allow you to see the wonders of you life now.

  2. Very well put 👏👏👏

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